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So you’ve got a lovely website, it looks great, you’ve sent links to everyone and their dog and they all tell you how great it is. So why are you not getting any traffic from prospective clients? Great business idea? Check! Nice website? Check! Search Engine Optimization? … whats that?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is, as the name suggests, the optimization of your website to achieve the best possible results on search engines… simple!? Not quite, there is a good reason that your website isn’t at the top of Google / Bing or Yahoo, or even in the top 10 pages and thats likely to because your website hasn’t been optimized.

What exactly is website optimization?

Thats a good question – and not a simple one to answer, as although a number of people see websites as a glorified word document, they are so much more than that behind the scenes. There is oodles and oodles of code, that looks like gobbledygook to the human eye, but to search engines, they process this code through their algorithms to position your website in the place where they feel it ranks based on “does it answer the question searched for”. For example if your business is selling bicycles in Kenilworth – you could expect a potential customer type into Google “Bike shop Kenilworth” – does your website appear? No? Well this is likely to be due to a number of these bits of code are missing from your website. Some of the most fundamental is the “meta data” – the most common of which are the “meta title” (the title you see in blue in search engine results) and the “meta description” (the descriptive text that appears beneath the “meta title” in search engine results). These are fundimental and without these, it would be pretty impossible for anyone to find your website. Although extremely important, they are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimising a website, there are hundreds of elements to check from heading tags to javascript minification – and everything in between.

How can we help?

We’re glad you asked! First point of call would be to run your website through our SEO report system which will highlight where your website isn’t meeting its true potential. After that we will provide you with a report in priority order of the things that desperately need fixing, to those that would be a ‘nice to have’ but will have less of an impact on your position in search engines.


Its important to have a good understanding of your products or services and also the kinds of search terms your potential clients would enter into a search engine to find your business. We can either do this with your guidance, or alternatively we can advise you based on research of your competitors or by analysing ‘Google Trends’.

Once we have a good idea of the search terms you’re potential customers will enter, we need to ensure these appear on your website, both in the meta information and within the body content of your website.

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